Independent director and conducting person in a diversified range of regulated entities: UCITS, AIF, Management Company, AIFM. Familiar with a variety of asset classes among which bonds, equities, small-caps, loans, private equity and real estate.

Key competencies and interests

  • Experienced in multiple asset classes

    Pragmatic and analytical problem solving

  • Good listener with analytical skills

    Generate constructive debates

  • Sharp analysis of information and KPIs

    Achieve management accountability

  • Financial technologies as part of the DNA

    Social Responsibility as fundamental live engine

Photo Sandrine Dubois

Sandrine Dubois

30 years of experience - among which 27 years in the financial sector and a deep understanding of the financial sector regulatory environment.

With solid professional background: 13 years of conducting person in the Luxembourg financial sector, 8 years of directorship in management companies and funds and over 10 years of change management in financial institutions; Sandrine's goal is to share experience and make you benefit from it.

During her extensive career in the financial sector she had the opportunity to implement robust governance while succeeding in finding the right balance between the requirements of the regulators and the constraints of the value chain.

From this experiences, she is offering you her skills and her philosophy of the efficient and prudent governance.

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